The Duo Pach
1954 - 2000
Arlene Nimmons
Joseph Pach

Arlene and Joe married in 1954. Prize winners in the 9th Annual Munich International Competition in 1959, they decided to adopt their current professional name after being introduced as "Die Duo Pach von Canada". The Duo has toured Canada, Great Britain, Europe and the United States, broadcast for the BBC, the CBC, Radio Canada International, PBS, Hessicher Rundfunk and Radio Eirrean, raised 3 children and now have 7 grandchildren.

Kreisler Praeludium and Allegro.mp3

The Royal Conservatory Senior School String Quartette, 1947: 
Gisele LaFleche (Violin), Joseph Pach (Violin), Rowland Pack (Cello), Hillel Diamond (Viola)

 Duo Pach & Gary Karr, 1976:  Bottesini Double in Motion!!

The Pack Trio:  early 1950's:  Joseph Pach (Violin), Carol Pack (Piano), Rowland Pack (Cello).

Joseph Pach, 1964:  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Still Photo Department Head Shot by Barry Wilson

Sisters Barbara, Helen and Little Joey Pach Toronto 1934 


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